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The Retrobits Podcast

Jun 5, 2006


My other computer is a Commodore :-)

Welcome to Show 046!  This week's Topic: Live from the C4 Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio!

Topics and links discussed in the podcast...

Need more retrocomputing listening goodness?  Well, then, head over to the Boring Beige Box!
Issue #25 of Retrogaming Times - hot off the presses!
Commvex v2 is coming up in July, and - it's Vegas, Baby!  And, the World of Commodore 2006 is this December in Toronto!  Alas, so much retrocomputing, so little time...
Have a look at The Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club website for more information on the group that brought you the C4 Expo...

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Our Theme Song is "Sweet" from the "Re-Think" album by Galigan.

Thanks for listening!

- Earl