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The Retrobits Podcast

Apr 16, 2007

Is that a Zylon behind you?  LOOK OUT!

Welcome to Show 082!  This week's topic: Star Raiders!

Which of the top 6 best buys in personal computing (from January 1982) is right for you?  Have a look at this old article from Popular Mechanics to find out!
Star Raiders, one of the top ten most important games of all time, has a tribute page here, and Wikipedia page here...

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Our Theme Song is "Sweet" from the "Re-Think" album by Galigan.

Thanks for listening!

- Earl

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over fifteen years ago

I recently discovered your podcast and I\'m loving the heck out of it! While the first computer in our house was something that my dad and a friend built from a kit (I remember playing Lunar Lander on that thing in the mid to late 70s), the computer that sucked me (and the rest of the family in) was the Atari 800 (circa 1980 or so).

We went from the 800 to the 800XL to the 130XE and up through the STs!

Anyway, I LOVED this episode (with you and your son playing Star Raiders)!!!

I\'ve recently heard the nostalgia calling again and my parents are boxing up and sending me all of the Atari stuff they can find in the basement. Hoping to have it in my hands soon!

Keep up the great work!!! Love the podcast!