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The Retrobits Podcast

Oct 16, 2006


RSTS PDP - find out what it means to me

Welcome to Show 062!  This week's Topic: The PDP-11 Minicomputer!

Topics and links discussed in the podcast...

It's not retro, but you can hook it up to retro stuff (that's one of my main purposes)...the Propeller 32-bit 8 core microcontroller!  Electronics super-fun...
Another interactive fiction environment - have a look at Eamon, and the many games available for it!
The Wikipedia page on the PDP-11 - a good starting point.  And one for RSTS as well...
Here's a nice picture of a PDP-11/20 front panel.  See those switches?  Remind you of an IMSAI?
Man, has an incredibly impressive collection of vintage computer manuals, in PDF format.  Nice.
I know, you want to play with a PDP-11 emulator, don't you?  Admit it!  And then, have a look at SIMH...
FAQ on the PDP-11, lots of reading here!  Make sure to check out the models that were made!
More info sources on the PDP-11, here, and here...
For a look at the PDP-11's big brother, point your browser to PDP Planet!

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Our Theme Song is "Sweet" from the "Re-Think" album by Galigan.

Thanks for listening!

- Earl


over thirteen years ago

ed hardy

seventeen and a half years ago

I want to know more about PDP-11