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The Retrobits Podcast

Oct 9, 2006


1 cup retro, 2 tbsp computer nostalgia.  Stir and enjoy.

Welcome to Show 061!  This week's Topic: Retro Mix (A Variety Episode)

Topics and links discussed in the podcast...

Play Zork online?  Sure!
The Emergency Chicagoland Commodore Convention was held Sep 30, 2006.  Pictures and descriptions are here and here...
A self aware computer that doesn't take over the world or threaten global thermonuclear war?  KITT is just such a hero!
If you look over, and the car next to you doesn't have a driver, maybe it's a DARPA winner...
A website hosted on a Lisa?  Serious?  Yep!
Byte Cellar - The Vintage Computing Weblog - a good read...
Now it's time to learn TI Extended BASIC - with videos on Google!
Pong Story - an extensive history/memorial site to early video games.  Fun stuff...
Retrogaming Times Monthly - now coming to you for 109 months running!  This is commitment!
The Vintage Computer Festival 9.0 is coming up - check out for details...
Digibarn is planning an Apple 30th birthday event at the VCF 9.0 - more info here!

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Our Theme Song is "Sweet" from the "Re-Think" album by Galigan.

Thanks for listening!

- Earl