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The Retrobits Podcast

Jul 25, 2005

Hi there everybody!

Show #4 - We're on a roll...

This episode of the Retrobits Podcast is a grab bag.  There are several things I wanted to talk about, none of which would make up a central theme, so this show is "potpourri".  Here are the URLs referenced in the show:

The Denial website/forum focuses on the VIC-20.  Missed this one during the VIC-20 show (#001).  Thanks to folks for pointing out this great resource!
Computer Chronicles, a television program that ran from the 80s until the late nineties, is available for download and/or viewing at the website.  It is really fun to watch these shows in our modern day context...
BBSMates is a website dedicated to online bulletin board systems (BBSes).  It has a searchable database of over 75,000 systems, from the 80s to modern day!
Classic Gaming Expo is an event dedicated to "the people, systems and games of yesteryear".
DigitalPress covers a wide spectrum of retro gaming.
The UCSD P-System is a computing environment from days gone by.  It's most famous component was the Pascal compiler.  There was a reunion of some of the original folks that developed it, and they made videos, which are available for download and viewing.
Fire In the Valley is a must-read book for those interested in the history of personal computing.  I will do a full book review in a subsequent podcast.  For now, if you've got some reading time to kill, run, don't walk, to buy this book.  I have read it twice, and will be reading it again soon.  You can get it on Amazon, among other places.
Also coming soon, a book on the rise and fall of Commodore.  I've noticed this book actively promoted in vintage computer settings, like the USENET groups.  It's not out yet, expected to go to press pretty soon.  Some impromptu reviews from some famous names in the Commodore fan realm have seen chapters, and they stated they like what they saw.  Even though it's kind of pricey for a casual read, I'll probably get it, given my long-term interest in Commodore, and the lack of historical information about the company.

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Our Theme Song is "Sweet" from the "Re-Think" album by Galigan

Thanks for listening!

- Earl


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