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The Retrobits Podcast

Mar 20, 2006


I keep hitting the Control key, but I'm still not in control.

Welcome to Show 036!  This week's Topic: The Dot Matrix Printer!

Topics and links discussed in the podcast...

Old Skool Arcade, Modern Day Fun - In Portland, my home town!  Check out the Ground Kontrol site...
Need to fix up your Commodore computer?  Have a look at Ray Carlsen's homepage!
More TI 99/4A links - a Yahoo! group, and the TI 99ers online User's Group!
A Wikipedia article on the Dot Matrix Printer...

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Thanks for listening!

- Earl


twelve and a half years ago

April 1st, 2011

Flashing Ferumbras
armor tibia,
tibia level,
tibia account,

With the open beta coming up, it's nice to see more flash client screenshots, and here is another with Tektro clearing Ferumbras' Citadel by himself with an interesting screen configuration ... (read more).

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Hotel Budapest
twelve and a half years ago

When planning your trip to Budapest , you have to choose the best Hotel Budapest in town.

almost thirteen years ago

Funny but true story. Back in the day when IBM just got VGA I still had my C64. One of my classmates he was so cool cause had an IBM with VGA. PC's were just getting interesting but there was no way I was going to give up on my C64 unless I was going to get an Amiga. So, I use to show cool things the C64 could still do that was useful in an era when you could obviously see that the PC was going to dominate. I couldnt see myself owning a 'Business computer'. I had a dot matrix. Now mind you this was high school days and my PC friend said something about porn on a VGA monitor and I went home and printed a (unexpectedly multi page) poster of Samantha Fox topless using my dot matrix printer. My friend was so surprised if I remember correctly he took my poster ;) There was other things I could with the C64 that surprised him like using an 80line terminal program to join BBS he went to. Download images and using a program it would convert the image into the commodore limited colour palette but when your young that was cool.

Fun days :)

Raymond Day
seventeen and a half years ago

I started with a TRS-80 and wanted a printer very bad. Back then they cost a lot. I got a Epson MX80 for like $700! In Z80 code I made a screen dump. My very 1st printer program. It worked real good. I even put it on a boot disk so you could press reset and print out the screen. On a TRS model 3 the ROM cleaded the screen on a reset :(

Useing Dot wighter on the TRS-80 I made a code that would print a lot better. Using the 1/2 space. So the line feed only went like 1/2 a dot. I got every other bit printer out 4 at a time then 1/2 line feed and print out the other 4. It made the print look a lot better. Later I did the same on a commodore 64 in GEOS. Could even make the page 2 times as long because the letters were 2 times short but made them look a lot better.

-Raymond Day

Emory Lehman
seventeen and a half years ago

Talking about dot matix printers at my place of employement we still use many dot matrix printers. Just last week they just got 2 brand new IBMs. I don\'t have the model number but are fast, and still do a great job with the multi-part paper we use.