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The Retrobits Podcast

Mar 13, 2006


It's not 8 bits, but it's retro.  And it talks...

Welcome to Show 035!  This week's Topic: The Texas Instruments 99/4A Microcomputer!

Topics and links discussed in the podcast...

Use your old DOS PC as a Commodore hard drive.  How?  With 64HDD...
A 21st century recreation of a 1960s educational computer toy?  Now, that's retro!  Check out the DigiComp I v 2.0 from Minds-On Toys.
If you're like me, and you think an Altair looked cooler than your modern-day LAN party case, have a look at the AltairPC project at Briel Computers.
Commodore 64 native code, cooked on a SuperCPU C64 or PC.  Interested?  Check out Slang, recently updated!
Wikipedia article on the TI 99/4A - great info, as always.
Another of my favorite sites, Old Computers Dot Com, with their coverage of the 99/4A.  Check out the forums.
An early 80s review of the 99/4A, from Creative Computing, on the Atari Magazines site.  Cool!
Want to see some photos of the 99/4A, and it's various stuff?  Here's a Flickr site that will get you hooked up.
The TI 99/4A Tech Pages - bits, bytes, schematics, pinouts - it's all here!
There are several emulators for the 99/4A, including the Win994a simulator.
The excitement continues with an annual fair in Chicago - couldn't find a main site, but there are videos of the event for your viewing enjoyment.

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Our Theme Song is "Sweet" from the "Re-Think" album by Galigan.

Thanks for listening!

- Earl


seventeen and a half years ago

I have to admit that I stumbled onto your podcast a week or so ago and have been hooked. Just finished catching up on the podcasts and you have a great show going. I have been thru many of the retro systems - Atari 600 and 800xl,vic 20 and the ever present 64,radio shack TRS model 3, early apples (IIE?),tandy 1000 and the ibm (of course). Very entertaining podcast and please keep it up.

Jon Fullmer
over fifteen years ago

The game that taunted you (via speech) with \\\"getting tired already?\\\" was called Alpiner. It was a game in which you attempted to climb various mountains while trying to avoid falling rocks, mountain lions, and even a yeti.