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The Retrobits Podcast

Jan 24, 2006


Just flew in from LA, and boy are my arms tired...

Welcome to Show 028!  This week's Topic: Random Bits and Bytes!

Topics and links discussed in the podcast...

Always wanted to use a Cray?  Give it a try!
Check out the Commodore Article Index - lots of interesting reading!
The NorthWest Classic Games Enthusiasts Expo 2006 - how about that, a retro event up my way!  (Seattle, WA)
Ads from old computers - they're fun to look at!  Have a look at some at the Computer History site.
GameBase 64 - an online effort to preserve Commodore 64 software.  Excellent!

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Our Theme Song is "Sweet" from the "Re-Think" album by Galigan.

Thanks for listening!

- Earl


ugg boots classic
thirteen and a half years ago

frist time listener. Good Stufff!

over eighteen years ago

frist time listener. Good Stufff!

over eighteen years ago

Thanks! Glad you\'re enjoying it so far!