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The Retrobits Podcast

New Episode Tomorrow

Mar 31, 2009


Two announcements:

 First, a new Retrobits episode will be online tomorrow.

Second, The Retrobits Podcast is re-launching on a regular schedule, every two weeks.  A weekly podcast is not working out at the moment, and the schedule is all over the place.  I'm switching to bi-weekly to get back on track.

Thanks for listening and for your patience, and chat with you soon!

- Earl

almost fifteen years ago

Can\'t wait to hear the new podcast. I just recently discovered retrobits and I was instantly hooked. Being a Commodore guy, it brings back great memories.

thirteen and a half years ago

I listen to several information pod-casts yet I don\'t subscribe to any feeds. I visit your site occasionally and download what is new since the last time I was here. That said, I really look forward to your show because it takes me back to the days of the Vic-20(my first), C-64(my second & third), and the C-128(my fourth) computers. I just feel that I have to let you know that your pod-cast is one of my all time favorites ranking up there with tllts and cmdln. Thank you for what you do.